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Can I get my GED online?

Many individuals hope to obtain their GED online. Unfortunately, there is no way to get your GED online. Acquiring your General Educational Development can only be attained by taking your tests at an official testing facility. Many of the locations are at an adult education center, community colleges or public schools. The requirements may vary from state to state but the majorities have state guidelines which may include age limitation or specific status for individuals under the age of 18. Some states include residency limitations or previous schooling guidelines also. Some type of identification is generally also required to be eligible to take your GED test. Testing fees are also dependent on the specific official testing facility and can be based on cost of materials, cost of scoring the essay portion and sometimes administration fees. Also the testing days may vary from state to state and from one location to another.

The GED testing is comprised in 5 basic categories. They are Language Arts: Writing, Social Studies, Math, Science and Language Arts: Reading. The Language Arts: Writing is divided into 2 sections. The first section covers sentence structure, usage and construction. It is the responsibility of the individual to revise, correct or change the mechanics. It is based on a time restriction generally about 75 minutes to complete the 50 items. The second section is based on writing skills using correct punctuation, spelling, topic structure and writers control within 45 minutes. The Social Studies portion includes American history, world history, civics, economics, government and geography within a 70 minute time frame. The science testing is comprised of 50 questions in the related areas of earth science, life science, space science and physical science. Individuals have 80 minutes to complete this portion. The math section is also broken into two sections with a calculator being issued for the first portion. The second section calculators are forbidden usage. The areas of testing include: number operations and sense, measurement and geometry, data analysis, probability and statistic ending with algebra, functions and patterns. Each section is broken into 50 questions and the allotted time is 90 minutes.

Some facilities offer a break or an opportunity to take the testing at two different times while others require same day testing. Currently the passing score for each section is 410 and an average of 450. However, for many colleges the requirement is 500. If you are planning on furthering your education it would be a good idea to check with the institution you are planning on attending to see what their specific requirements are. In the even that you do not pass generally there is an option to re-take the test. There could be additional fees if you need to re take the tests. These are also dependent on the facility. However, each state or facility usually has some type of criteria for retaking the exams. For more information for your specific needs we suggest you contact the facility in your area.

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